Вышло очередное обновление RouterOS 7


  • defconf — do not override default DHCP server lease time;
  • defconf — fixed 5ghz-ax channel width for L11, L22 devices;
  • ethernet — fixed interface disable for CRS326-4C+20G+2Q;
  • ethernet — improved port speed downshift functionality for CRS326-4C+20G+2Q;
  • leds — fixed LEDs for L22 device;
  • lte — fixed firmware upgrade not found issue for Chateau LTE12 (introduced in v7.14.1);
  • ssh — require «policy» user policy when adding public key;
  • timezone — updated timezone information from «tzdata2024a» release;
  • traffic-flow — improved system stability;
  • vrf — fixed VRF interfaces being moved to main table after reboot (introduced in v7.14);
  • wifi-qcom — added configuration.distance setting to enable operation over multi-kilometer distances (CLI only).

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